The compassionate way to fire employees

We will help them overcome the stress of losing a job and help them transition to a new Job Consultation. And we also take care of all the work that occurs during a layoff. We handle everything from off-boarding to severance and insurance payments on your behalf to outplacement.

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We specialize in the layoff scene and do specialized work

Total Support Services

We provide one-stop support from plan design to various procedures and outplacement support after retirement.

All operations can be entrusted to us

We take care of all the work so that the company or HR department can concentrate on its primary task, business promotion.


This is the flow of how we do the work

Inquiries and Hearings

First, please contact us to inquire about your company's situation.

Propose a plan that meets your needs and create off-boarding

We will create a plan and off-boarding that meets your company's needs and budget.


Depending on the content of the project, we will take care of the necessary parts. Of course, you can request us to do everything.

our advisors

“We are in the retreat business and have been hearing from our clients about the challenges they face in the layoff scene. we saw the potential in Rebootr's business and are supporting them as advisors.”

Shun YAMADA - CEO & Founder at Retreat

“As the Head of HR for a startup and the Founder of an HR concierge company, I have joined as an advisor for Rebootr due to the potential for collaboration between the two businesses.”

Prattima Dhanraj - Head of HR at Remedy Health Media

“I have worked as an HR manager for 8 companies ranging from startups to large corporations and have contributed to their growth, and I see a lot of potential in Rebootr's business.”

Shikha Kapur - Head of HR at Homeward

“I have worked in all divisions of operations at several startups, and when the CEO of Rebootr contacted me, I accepted the position as an advisor in the hopes that I could use my knowledge.”

Craig Rashkow - ex-Head of Global Customer Service at Sonder
Recommended Functions

We offer the following features for each objective

Off-boarding design, calculation of optimal retirement benefits, retirement payment, insurance payment, support in using benefits, outplacement (resume correction, interview practice).

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If you could contact us via email, we will send you the best offboarding plan. We support companies in growing their business and employees in leading better life. Please request now.

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