The compassionate new way to layoff employees

Newond assists HR overcome operational stress and even support terminated employees change jobs in one fell swoop.
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Reduce work-intensive tasks to free up time for more important works

Free yourself from complex, tedious, and manual tasks!

Reduce stress
Complex tasks can be thrown in
Avoid human error
Reduce work hours and have more time in mind
Ensure repeatability
No need to start from scratch

Support according to country and state

We can prepare packages and necessary documents according to each country and state, as well as letters.

What we do


Planning and scheduling according to the company's situation.


We prepare contract templates and letters to employees according to each state and country.

Severance Package

We can help you create the best retirement package for your company and your employees.


We provide comprehensive outplacement assistance for laid-off team members.


Concierges provide one-stop assistance from layoff planning to packaging and outplacement.


We will also support you in the response and communication part of the scene as needed.

Flow of Service Use

Step 1. Request a Demo

First, we will ask where the company is located and the status of the layoffs.

Step 2. Individual Reviews

We will create a personalized to-do list and schedule for each company.

Step 3. Support Starts

A concierge will accompany you and support your company's operations as needed.

Our Advisors

“As the Head of HR for a startup and the Founder of an HR concierge company, I have joined as an advisor for Newond due to the potential for collaboration between the two businesses.”

Prattima Dhanraj - Head of HR at Remedy Health Media

“We are in the retreat business and have been hearing from our clients about the challenges they face in the layoff scene. we saw the potential in Newond's business and are supporting them as advisors.”

Shun YAMADA - CEO & Founder at Retreat

“I have worked as an HR manager for 8 companies ranging from startups to large corporations and have contributed to their growth, and I see a lot of potential in Newond's business.”

Shikha Kapur - Head of HR at Homeward

“I have worked in all divisions of operations at several startups, and when the CEO of Newond contacted me, I accepted the position as an advisor in the hopes that I could use my knowledge.”

Craig Rashkow - ex-Head of Global Customer Service at Sonder

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Why not reduce your workload and devote your resources to what is most important: communicating with your colleagues? We support companies in growing their business and colleagues in leading a better life.
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